B2B Brightest Brands: an industry-first study

We are delighted to launch the only brand index that is solely focused on business-to-business brands. Find out more by downloading our key findings report.

B2B Brightest Brands

B2B brands have fresh challenges to meet. Now more than ever, there is an intense spotlight shining on corporate brands and how they present themselves to the outside world. This has moved the dial on what these brands need to do to succeed and the questions businesses need to address through their brand in the new normal.

Does the business have a clear purpose beyond profit? Is it a force for good? Does it tell a credible story? How is the organisation integrating sustainability into its brand experience? How is it creating value across stakeholders?

The brightest B2B brands address these questions and more. They know who they are as an organisation and what they stand for. They have a clear sense of self, forward trajectory and distinction. They consistently express their story across all touchpoints, resonating far and wide across stakeholders by always coming back to their central purpose. And they look great as well.

We have benchmarked the B2B brand landscape through this broader prism, adopting a range of criteria that look at the brand experience from different perspectives. We have highlighted key success criteria, common pitfalls and opportunities.

Clearly the quality of the creative agency makes a difference, but the key to being a brighter brand lies in the ambition of businesses to push boundaries and dare to be different, while remaining relevant. Getting that balance right remains the key to success.

Access the report
Visit our dedicated microsite at brightestbrands.luminous.co.uk to find out more about:

  • the background to the study
  • the methodology and criteria
  • the top 50

You can also download the key findings report that includes sector deep dives.

If you would like to access the recording and slides from our launch event on 2 February, please get in touch.