Brand matters: The building blocks of brand...

Brands – we all know the good ones, or the ones we prefer. We know some of the less good ones, too. But between the highest and lowest points in the brand stratosphere lie a whole range of businesses with, well, what? How do we describe them? By their products? By their logo? By how their staff speak to you? Each of these questions addresses an element of brand, a building block of a greater whole. And that’s the theme of this issue of Brand Matters: brand building blocks. 

Edited by Sheila Morrison, Director of Brand and Comms at Luminous, the publication features articles from, and interviews with: Renata Randi, CMO at Logicalis; Adrienne Glad, Head of Internal Engagement at CDC; Mike Fleming, Copywriter; Robert Jones, Professor of Brand Leadership at UEA; Richard Hytner, Professor of Marketing at London Business School and founder of Beta Baboon; Sam Russell, Senior Writer at Reed Words and Julie Sim, Brand Strategist at Luminous.

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