In conversation with PPHE: Crafting a robust sustainability strategy

In our 23rd Luminous Spotlight episode, Rachel Madan chats with Peter Marshall, Head of Compliance at PPHE Hotel Group, about the process of updating a double materiality assessment and leveraging that insight to craft a robust sustainability strategy.

In this episode, you’ll hear how PPHE Hotel Group was an early adopter of double materiality. Rachel and Peter unpack what initially drove PPHE Hotel Group to update its double materiality assessment, how the Group has evolved its strategies post assessment, and the process from a hotel and hospitality perspective. 


You’ll hear discussion of the following:


3:51 – What prompted PPHE Hotel Group to make the decision to update its materiality assessment and strategy back in 2022?

9:17 – Exploring Luminous’ five-step approach to execute a double materiality assessment.

23:23 – How have the strategies changed since before the materiality assessment, and what new focus areas or opportunities has it yielded?

30:36 – Looking forward to the next year or two, what are some aspects PPHE Hotel Group is considering in terms of advancing its sustainability initiative?

34:12 – Advice for companies that are thinking about moving forward with the double materiality assessment.


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