IWD 2023: Embracing equity and the transformative power of technology

This International Women’s Day comes at a crucial time for women’s equality and rights.

With the rallying cries of Iran’s protesters reverberating against the brutality of enforced hijab laws; Russia and Turkey scaling back on protections for women against domestic violence; and the US Supreme Court reversing the constitutional protection of abortion rights, society seems to be going backwards and dismantling decades of progress around women’s rights.

At Luminous we believe in promoting the rights of women to achieve great things and are fortunate to work with clients that do the same. One of our latest initiatives is hosting a breakfast event to fundraise for Girls Who Code, an organisation dear to our hearts, whose mission is to “close the gender gap in technology and to change the image of what a programmer looks like and does.”

We are committed to embracing equity and believe in the transformative power of technology to connect, inspire and drive social change. We support this year’s theme of ‘DigitALL: Innovation and technology for gender equality’.

“The digital space has yet to undergo a much-needed feminist revolution – and it must.”

Volker Turk, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights

We must collectively strive to close the gender gap in digital spaces for women and girls by changing the ground rules, embedding processes and access to make technology a more attractive and inclusive sector for all.

That’s why we decided to contribute to the change that we want to see through our fundraiser for Girls Who Code. Not only are we proud champions of equity through the causes we contribute to but are proud of our clients’ initiatives in creating a more inclusive and diverse workforce as well.

Working with companies who also embrace equity:

Ocado has an initiative called ‘Code for Life’ that offer the opportunity for children and young people to learn to code, aligned with the UK national curriculum.

Aston Martin worked with ITV on ‘Driving Force’ to inspire girls and women to work in the motorsports industry and believing that there is a rightful and valuable place for them there.

Flutter has partnered with ‘Women Who Code’, which inspires women to excel in technology careers and will be working with them to attract more women into technology-based roles across Flutter’s brands.

Berkely Group is part of an initiative called ‘Women into Construction’ that promotes gender equality in construction, aiming to ‘change the face of construction’ and normalising the position of women in the construction industry.

Technology is a driver of social change, making a big difference to individuals and societies all over the world, delivering dramatic improvements in our lives. We hope this year’s spotlight on ‘DigitALL’ will open new doors for women and girls and empower them to take risks and forge their own paths in the tech sector.

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