Our top 20 trends in 2020

2010. The world was still suffering from the 2008 financial crisis, another crisis – namely, the European debt crisis - dominated the headlines and an earthquake devastated Haiti. On a lighter note, the avocado had not yet reached the peak of its popularity and (the now disbanded) One Direction was formed. In the world of corporate communications, marketing budgets were squeezed, the HTML online annual report reigned supreme, sustainability was still focused on community initiatives and the concept of responsive web design had just been introduced. Roll on ten years and the world has changed radically: Trump, Johnson, Brexit and now Megxit. But what lies in store for corporate reporting, sustainability, brand, digital and design? We summarise our 20 trend predictions for 2020, with purpose, technology and stakeholders emerging as strong themes for the year ahead.

Investor engagement
1. Doing things on purpose

2. The rise and rise of the stakeholder

3. ESG is here to stay

4. Changing modes of engagement

5. The power of corporate culture and its ability to create and destroy value

6. Long-term thinking

7. The existential threat of climate change

8. Responsible supply chain management

9. Will reporting fatigue move to reporting paralysis?

10. The rainbow will be everywhere

11. Keeping it real

12. Employee engagement is pushed further up the agenda

13. Purpose requires action

14. The B2B branding landscape is changing

15. Every audience group should be heard

16. The use of emerging technologies

17. Voice search

18. Personalisation

19. Greater use of illustration to help simplify complex messages

20. Greater intersection of brand, sustainability and investor engagement

We'll be looking at these trends in more detail over the coming weeks.