Making sense of MiFID II

MiFID II is aimed at increasing transparency, restoring confidence and protecting investors' interests against some of the issues that contributed to the 2008 global financial crisis.

Luminous recognise that one of the likely outcomes of MiFID II is that Small Cap companies may find it increasingly difficult to attract sell side analyst coverage, which could have implications for their investor profile and, ultimately, their valuation.

Against this backdrop, what steps can companies take proactively?

Edited by Senior Consultant, Harriet Rumball, this special edition of 'Reporting Matters' focuses on MiFID II and its implications for investor communications. The publication brings together a number of thought-leadership articles from Luminous' stakeholder and digital engagement consultants, as well as the Investor Relations Society, Shares Magazine and Progressive Equity Research.

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How we can help

Our stakeholder engagement team works with companies both to articulate their investment proposition and to ensure key messages are reflected across all their information materials and the IR website, in line with best practice.

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