What it takes to be a leader on gender diversity

In our latest 'Luminous Spotlight' podcast, Rachel Madan talks with Richard Eadie at Severn Trent on how the FTSE 100 company became a leader on gender equality – and what companies can do to strengthen diversity.

February 2021 saw the final release of the Hampton-Alexander Review in the UK, an initiative to increase the representation of women in senior leadership positions and on boards of FTSE 350 companies to at least 33%. Some 220 of the FTSE 350 now meet that target (up from just 53 in 2015), and there are no longer any all-male boards in the FTSE 350.

But is this good enough? We sat down with Richard Eadie, Head of Corporate Strategy, Sustainability & Group Transformation at Severn Trent, to hear from a leader on gender diversity and discuss some of the key actions that companies can take in order to enhance diversity across the board. Having role models, allies, and a plan to combat inertia are just a few of the topics we discussed.


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How we can help
Our teams across Sustainability & Impact, Investor Engagement & ESG Disclosure and Brand & Culture can help you think through your communications and engagement strategies for gender equality. For example:

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  • Strengthen your employer branding to support diversity and inclusion ambitions
  • Help review or create your strategies and programmes to strengthen your company’s approach to diversity, equality and inclusion
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