Digital Matters: How to stand out from the crowd in investor engagement

Today’s investment community looks beyond financials to understand a company’s value creation story across the short-medium and long-term. Post MiFID II, IROs must work harder than ever to communicate with the buy side.

To help understand how companies use digital tools to engage their investors, analysts, and other stakeholders, we reviewed the corporate websites of the largest 40 companies by market capitalisation in the FTSE 250. The findings capture the priorities and expectations of digital IR and contain unique insights into how companies meet those expectations. 

To launch the research, we will be hosting an online event where we will share our findings and best practices in digital IR.

The event will also offer insights into how companies integrate ESG, bring their equity story to life, communicate their purpose and culture, and much more.

We will cover key findings from our research and best practice recommendations including:

  • Identity & Design
  • Brand & Messaging
  • Content
  • User Experience
  • The Digital Future - A deep dive into the Metaverse and the rise of AI


Event Details

Date: May 18

Time: 10:00am BST


Stephen Butler, Investor Engagement & ESG Director

Paris Mudan, Investor Engagement & ESG Consultant 

James Croxford, Digital Engagement Director

Kay Kayachitch, Associate Director of Investor Engagement & ESG


Event attendees will be the first to receive a copy of Digital Matters.

For more information, please contact