Double materiality in action: Trustpilot’s journey

In our 22nd Luminous Spotlight episode, Rachel Madan chats with Derek Brown, Head of Investor Relations at Trustpilot, to pull back the curtain on what it’s like to do a double materiality assessment and how to use that information to build a strong and credible sustainability strategy.

Double materiality offers a more robust and holistic approach to understanding the full range of information that stakeholders seek. And as sustainability reporting and disclosures have matured, more frameworks, such as CSRD, now require double materiality for compliance.

In this episode you’ll hear how Trustpilot was an early adopter of the double materiality approach. Rachel and Derek unpack what initially drove Trustpilot to do a double materiality assessment post IPO, the Luminous five-step double materiality assessment, how to engage the senior leadership from the beginning and some of the surprises Derek experienced along the way!

With 13 years of experience in IR in the UK Tech industry, both on the buy-side and the sell-side, Derek provides real insight into what companies can expect from the assessment and why it was important for Trustpilot to consider factors beyond financial impact.

In this episode, you’ll hear discussion of the following:

3:40 – What drove Trustpilot’s decision to do a double materiality assessment and subsequently develop sustainability strategies?

5:46 – Luminous’ five-step approach to conducting a double materiality assessment.

16:14 – Were there any surprises or unexpected findings for Trustpilot during the double materiality assessment?

29:16 – Advice for companies that are thinking about moving forward with the double materiality assessment.

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