Growing Sustainably - how to be sustainable from the start, even in a period of hyper growth

In our fourteenth ‘Luminous Spotlight’ podcast, Rachel Madan talks with Anna Krotova, Director of Sustainability at Mambu, about committing to sustainability during a period of hypergrowth.

Mambu, a SaaS cloud banking platform that operates in the B2B space, recently doubled in size, entering a period of hypergrowth. Rather than waiting for the business to mature, the company recruited Anna to build out the sustainability function at exactly the same time.

Mambu sees sustainability as crucial to establishing the right foundations for the company to sustain itself in the long term, avoiding negative externalities, and using its unique position in the financial ecosystem to contribute positively to some of the biggest issues of the day, such as poverty and climate change.

Anna tells us how Mambu is thinking about sustainability, using it as a tool for innovation and growth, and how we can tap into employee and customer values to leave a better world behind.

You can listen to the full conversation below and you can download Mambu's latest Disruption Diaries report 'Is the grass greener on the sustainable side'; a global survey on consumers’ demands for green and sustainable finance services here:

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