Luminous workshop on building ESG competence

We are excited to offer a new half-day workshop to help business leaders build their understanding of ESG and develop an ESG strategy.

The global pandemic has highlighted our susceptibility to mass disruption by 'black swan events' and it has highlighted the importance of skilled boards and executive teams well equipped to address emerging risk and systemic challenges associated with ESG, such as climate change, increasing ESG activism and diversity.

Luminous’ half-day workshop is designed to give business leaders a solid understanding of the ESG landscape and investor needs, along with practical advice on how to develop an ESG strategy and disclosure framework.

What it will cover 

• Introduction to ESG

• How investors use ESG data

• ESG themes

• Standards and regulations

• ESG ratings and share price performance

• How to develop an ESG strategy

Who should attend 
This workshop is suitable for directors (executive or non-executive), chairpersons, chief executive officers and managing directors, senior managers, company secretaries, investor relations teams and aspiring directors.

The Luminous strategy team will run our online workshops using the Zoom platform for up to 10 people. The online sessions are very interactive. Please contact us for the price per person for a half-day day workshop.  

If you are interested in learning more, please get in touch.