Reporting Matters 6: Does your ESG stand up to scrutiny?

Our current operating model for big business is unsustainable. It simply has to change, and the time is now. There is a sustainability revolution taking place and it’s the largest investment movement we’ve ever seen.

A global shift is already transforming our economies and the companies that drive them. And it is changing how markets are behaving. Our current economic, social and governance models have to evolve and we must fundamentally rethink established norms. No country, sector, company or asset class will go untouched.

In this edition of Reporting Matters, we focus on some of the key developments on the ESG landscape.

Edited by Stephen Butler, Director of Stakeholder Engagement at Luminous, the publication features articles from, and interviews with:

  • Laura Hayter, CEO of the Investor Relations Society
  • Bronagh Ward, Senior Associate at KKS Advisors
  • Hannah Armitage and Claudia Chapman of the Financial Reporting Council
  • Sophie Lawrence, Senior Ethical, Sustainable and Impact Researcher at Rathbone Greenbank Investments
  • Matt Chapman, Better Business Reporting, KPMG.

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