The case for TNFD: Why reporting on nature matters

In our 19th ‘Luminous Spotlight’ podcast, Kay Kayachith sits down with Sarah Nelson and Lauren Weatherdon from KPMG to discuss key outcomes from the COP 15 UN Biodiversity Conference, TNFD and why reporting on nature matters.

Sarah Nelson is the Global Coordinator at KPMG on nature and biodiversity, and Lauren Wetherdon is the Associate Director at KPMG with a focus on nature and biodiversity. 

Sarah and Lauren attended the COP 15 UN Biodiversity Conference in Montreal in December 2022. Together, they discuss with Kay the key takeaways from the conference, which resulted in a landmark agreement of a new global biodiversity framework (GBF) on the last day of negotiations. The GBF aims to address biodiversity loss, restore ecosystems and protect indigenous rights. 

The trio also discuss how companies can address the biodiversity crisis, and integrate nature and biodiversity more broadly into corporate decision making.

You can listen to the full conversation below or access the podcast on AppleSpotify or Anchor.