In the Spotlight: Luna Raphael, our Creative Director

Our Q&A series is an exciting opportunity to gain insight into the creative minds behind the award-winning work at Luminous. By sharing these stories, we hope to provide a behind-the-scenes look at our talented and hard-working team.

Who are you, and what do you do?

I’m Luna, a Creative Director at Luminous’ London studio.

What inspired you to get into a creative role?

As a kid I always loved to create little characters and stories. I would sit up in my room for hours on end designing my own little books and creating stop motion animations. My dad was a typesetter for a newspaper and would bring home these A1 sheets with the newspaper’s grid on it and we would play around with laying out type and images. Obviously, that was a massive influence on me. There was a brief stint where I toyed with getting a ‘grown-up’ career and considered becoming a lawyer. But that didn’t last long, and I was soon back on the creative path.

What is a project you have worked on recently that you are proud of?

Not a project per se, but I was the lead in setting up the Luminous design internship programme. Being a part of supporting the new generation of designers and creating that positive impact, however small, both for them and for Luminous feels very worthwhile and exciting.

What is it like working at Luminous?

Inspiring, collaborative and fun.

What advice would you give to someone breaking into the industry?

Be true to yourself. Skills can be taught, but your individual perspective and experiences are your strengths. A portfolio of ideas that’s distinct to you and has a clear narrative is more important than polished pieces that follow trends. If you’re not excited about talking through your work, you can’t expect anyone else to be interested in listening.

What do you value in your role? 

I love the variety inherent in my role. In a single day I could be getting stuck into researching a new client’s business, feeding back on someone else’s concept work, writing a case study, or scamping out layouts. Every day is different and every day I learn something new.

When do you feel most creative?

My happy place is out cycling around London. I’ve never been able to commit to any sort of meditation or mindfulness practice, but I find cycling gives me the same benefits of being present in the moment and able to really switch off the overthinking part of my brain. That’s usually when I solve a creative problem that’s been bugging me or just play around with ideas in my head. The sheer amount of inspiration in London also helps kick up new ideas and concepts. There’s always something new that catches my eye; whether that’s a bit of shop signage, a billboard, or a piece of street art. I’ve become a bit of a digital magpie, with my phone full of random images.

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