Q&A with Charlie Sedgwick

In our latest Q&A, we chat with Charlie Sedgwick, a designer in our London studio, about his journey so far. Discover what attracted him to design and what he enjoys most about working at Luminous.

Who are you, what's your story?

Hi, I’m Charlie a Junior Designer at Luminous' London studio. 

What attracted you to Luminous?

Luminous appealed to me for several reasons, the first being the great sense of creativity and collaboration here. I wasn't wrong! It really feels like people aspire to do their best work at Luminous.

Another reason I wanted to join the agency was the variety in work they produce. I wanted every day to be different, bringing new challenges, and, most importantly, learning from them. The design team here is around 20 strong now, offering a huge pool of talent in lots of different mediums of design. I love the idea of being able to continuously learn.

Which project have you enjoyed working on the most so far?

Currently, I’m working on a highly creative brand project. It’s allowed me to think conceptually. Although it’s been a lot of work, it's work I’m proud of. We’ve found some strong pathways to drive this brief, and for the first time, I've presented my work to the client, something I've always wanted to do.

What is a project you have worked on recently that you are proud of? 

Over the last few months, I’ve helped design a photography book showcasing thousands of images taken by really influential photographers. The book itself brought lots of creative hurdles; one of the biggest tests was designing a wraparound cover that didn’t feature any of the photographers inside.

We worked really conceptually to think about how we can take aspects of the winning photography and create something that’s unbiased but visually appealing. The end product has a great look and feel that is captured throughout the book in different ways.

In three words, what is it like working at Luminous? 

Captivating, creative and rewarding. 

When do you feel most creative?

Generally, I feel most creative in the evenings. While studying at university, it's where I found myself really focused. Often, if I’m working into the evenings, it’s where I find myself creating my best work. I attribute it to fewer distractions and more time to immerse myself in a creative flow. Whether I'm working on personal projects or freelance work, I don't feel like it's encroaching on my evenings because I have a genuine passion for design.

What campaign/work has inspired you recently? 

British Airways' latest design campaign, “A British Original,” really caught my eye. The campaign plays on the ‘what is the purpose of your visit?’ question, exploring reasons British travelers are going abroad this summer with phrases like “Business | Leisure | Tour de French Cheese”.

The campaign maintains a minimal approach that puts the messaging at the forefront. I think it’s a good example of less is more, allowing the ads to shine a light on comical reasons Brits escape Britain, often because the weather sucks.


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