Luminous steps up support for homeless charity

Alan Hines and Justin Boucher (centre) from Luminous with Sheila Scott (right), Shelter from the Storm Chief Executive, and some of her fantastic volunteers. Just before Christmas, Luminous decided to ditch some Christmas excess and instead donate £10k to a deserving cause. Shelter from the Storm is a homeless charity in Islington; as the name suggests, it’s a safe place where people can rebuild during dark times and step into a brighter future.

The people they help are homeless, often jobless and lacking in the life and practical skills to get them out of their spot. Shelter from the Storm usually takes them in for three months, giving them nutritious meals, a place to sleep and areas where they can interact with others. Support staff teach them skills such as CV writing, English language, numeracy, form filling and – soon to be introduced – bicycle mending, and help them get back into work, accommodation and a sustainable future.

The stories of redemption are incredible, and I hope to talk more about them in the future. For now, the plan is to take the next steps, to get involved properly as a volunteer, cooking dinner, cleaning, chatting and advising. I’ve invited the team at Luminous to join me and have already had some interest. Shelter from the Storm is an incredible organisation, but it is also a little invisible – that’s another challenge we can support them with, helping them to get the credit they deserve and the funds to take a great idea to a wider public.

To find out more, visit Shelter from the Storm's website.