Rising Design Star: Q&A with Lydia Sheldon

This summer, we have been lucky to have Lydia join us on an internship in our Design team, and we are so impressed with her creativity, hard work, and eagerness to learn.

As her time with us draws to a close, we took the opportunity to sit down with Lydia and ask her about her internship experience at Luminous and her aspirations for the future. 

Who are you, what's your story?

Hey, I am Lydia. I am just about to complete my 12-week design internship at Luminous! I recently completed an intensive graphic design course and Luminous has been my first creative role in the design world.

What attracted you to Luminous?

Initially I was attracted to the uniqueness of Luminous. I had never even considered that there would be graphic designers specifically for annual reports! This really excited me as it was something totally new and something that I would have never even thought about before finding Luminous. I was excited for the opportunity to have the insight into an industry I knew very little about.

What was the most valuable thing you learnt during your internship?

I have had the opportunity to work with such experienced designers that even sitting with them daily and taking in their little tips and tricks has enhanced my skills and I have noticed a change in how I work! Even through peering over at different screens throughout the day, I have been able to see how different designers work in such different ways. Most importantly I have seen that working in a studio can be such an exciting way to work. The design team and the wider team are such fun and energetic people which makes work life so enjoyable.

What was your favourite project to work on?

My favourite project I worked on was the Reporting Matters 9 booklet. I feel like during this time I really got to have a feel what it is to be like a designer. I was able to sit in a few meetings and be in contact with the account managers. It was a really good, first-time experience working on something like this. It felt out of my comfort zone at the beginning especially because it was my first editorial piece, but seeing the outcome of something I had an input in making was so rewarding as a new designer!

How did your time at Luminous inform your next steps?/What's next for you?

I have realised I would love to work in a studio surrounded by other creatives. I am still so new in the industry, and I feel like I have learnt so much in my 12 weeks here just by being around such creative and experienced designers that I would want to continue working in this type of environment.

If you're keen on becoming part of the Luminous team or wish to learn more about our Creative department, feel free to reach out to us.