Mastering CEO communication in the digital age: A look at different styles

In this blog, we will delve into different CEO video styles, their advantages, and the companies that excel in using them.

In today’s fast-paced digital world, effective communication is paramount for companies to engage with their stakeholders, including investors, employees and customers. Among the various channels available, CEO videos have long been recognised as a powerful tool to convey important messages, discuss financial results and share strategic updates.

However, not all CEO videos are created equal. Let’s have a look at the different CEO video styles, their advantages and the companies that excel in using them.

1. Inclusion of slides and branded visual elements

This style is great for company announcements and performance updates, as it combines visuals elements including company branding, slides, data, and the CEO’s narration to create an engaging and informative presentation. It often resembles a lecture-style format that places emphasis on the content itself rather than a singular focus on the individual. It also provides an opportunity to use infographics to enhance data presentation and provide viewers with a visually appealing experience.

Let’s take a look at a few examples:

a) Reckitt’s Full Year Results 2021 

Reckitt’s CEO video is a prime example of this style. It uses infographics effectively to enhance the presentation of data, making it easier for viewers to digest complex information. The video follows a structured approach, ensuring clarity and engagement throughout. Watch here.

b) Entain’s Interim Results 2022 

Entain’s video takes a similar approach, combining slides with the CEO’s narration. What sets it apart is the inclusion of a user-friendly drop-down box that allows viewers to navigate to specific sections of interest. This interactive element adds an extra layer of engagement and convenience. Watch here.

c) C&C H1 2024 Results 

C&C adopts a similar style, emphasising clear data presentation and a structured narrative. Like Entain, it offers a drop-down menu for viewers to select sections of interest, making it easy to access relevant information. Watch here.

2. ‘Direct-to-camera’ style

The ‘direct-to-camera’ approach is straightforward and unfiltered. In this format, the CEO speaks directly to the camera, delivering important updates and information in an informal style, allowing their personality to shine through in a more natural and authentic manner. This format can also minimise elaborate production elements, make them quicker and easy to produce

Here are two examples:

a) Weir Half Year Results 2023

Weir’s CEO video exemplifies the ‘direct-to-camera’ style. The CEO communicates key insights without distractions, ensuring that the message is delivered clearly and transparently. Watch here.

b) Shell Q2 2023 Results

Shell’s video follows a similar format, with the CEO addressing stakeholders directly. This style is especially effective for conveying important information in a personal and relatable manner. Watch here.

3. Q&A style

In a Q&A-style CEO video, the CEO responds to pre-selected questions regarding the company’s performance and strategic direction. This format introduces a more dynamic element to the communication, allowing for warmth, personality and engagement. It’s also great for CEOs who are less comfortable delivering a scripted speech directly to the camera. Questions can cover a wide range of topics, including financial performance, market trends, strategic initiatives, challenges, and even personal insights from the CEO.

Let’s explore a few examples of Q&A-style CEO videos:

a) Aviva Half Year 2023 Results 

Aviva’s CEO video adopts a Q&A format, creating an engaging and interactive experience for viewers. The CEO addresses a variety of questions, providing a comprehensive overview of the company’s performance. Watch here.

b) Standard Chartered 2022 Results 

Standard Chartered’s CEO video incorporates a Q&A session, allowing the CEO to delve into specific topics of interest to stakeholders. This format adds depth and transparency to the communication. Watch here.

c) ABB Q2 2022 Results 

ABB’s CEO video features a Q&A format that enables the CEO to respond to pressing questions from investors and analysts. This style fosters a sense of dialogue and interaction. Watch here.

d) Macquarie Group 2023 Result 

Macquarie Group’s CEO video embraces the Q&A style, offering valuable insights into the company’s performance and strategic vision. The CEO’s straightforward responses enhance transparency and engagement. Watch here.


Effective CEO communication is vital in today’s digital landscape. Companies employ various styles of CEO video to engage with stakeholders, whether through the inclusion of slides and branded content, the ‘direct-to-camera’ approach, or the interactive Q&A format. Each style offers unique advantages, and companies that master these styles can effectively convey their messages, build trust and engage with their audience. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, staying versatile in CEO video communication is key to success in corporate communication.

In the end, it’s not just the style you choose – it’s the authenticity, transparency and effectiveness of your communication that truly matter.

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