Webinar: How to enhance your retail investor engagement strategy

On Wednesday, 1 May, Stephen Butler will join a London Stock Exchange Marketplace webinar, ‘How to enhance your retail engagement strategy’. To register, please visit this link.

With the rise in retail investing, there's never been a better opportunity to adapt your communications and channels for this audience, tapping into a new base of investors.

Stephen Butler will join a fantastic panel, including Marketplace members Sam Buchanan of Doceo Group, Neil Shah of Edison Group, Alex Stella of InvestorHub and Katharina Pillman of the London Stock Exchange.

The panellists will discuss:

  • the importance of retail investors, and why and how investor relations teams should engage and target this cohort accordingly;
  • differences in strategies when assessing retail investor engagement compared with institutional investors;
  • potential ways in which companies can split time and resources between institutional and individual investors;
  • which service and investment publications companies might focus on to access retail investors;
  • how companies can avoid short-term retail selling; and
  • how companies can use technology to optimise their engagement strategy.

If you have any questions about the event, please get in touch with our Marketing Manager, Matilda Paterson